I’ve been seeing these little big-eyed dolls on a lot of the blogs I follow and I just love them. Something about them is just too cute. I would love to have one 🙂



back to school shopping!

Today I got this backpack:

DSCN0323I’m not much of a “kitchy” kinda gal, but something about this funny little backpack stayed with me. I got it for $15, so I feel like it’ll be a fun little bag for school. I got it at the Borders bookstore here – they have the cutest little accessories there for your office and school at good prices. I looked all over the web for a link to this backpack and the other items with this design but couldn’t find one.I got some matching stickers, too! It’s the little things, I’m tellin’ ya.

As I write this, Lex is harassing my computer screen. She is into all things electronic.


This week I’m hoping to post about some diy projects I’m doing. I was hoping to finish one  tonight, but we had some technical difficulties with my printer. I have a sneaking suspicion that Lexicon is somehow involved.