5 Things I Like Friday


1. I read a blog this morning written about accepting other people’s happiness’s. Some people have envy for other’s when they receive or achieve something really wonderful. I’m not one of those people. I LOVE when other’s receive a gift of some kind. Recently one of my very best friends got engaged and while I am so sad I am not with her – every single time I think about it, their engagement makes my heart so happy. I thrive on other people’s successes – in every sense of that word. I like this about me.

2. These shoes.


Be still my heart.

Be still my credit card.

3. I am very excited that my aunt, sister-in-law and my parents will all be visiting in the next 2 months. I can’t wait to see everyone! [The kitchen better be reassembled]

4. These images.

5. My new favorite quote: Power to the Peaceful.

And isn’t that the way it should be.


Best of

Note: I know I’m doing a lot of “Top 5” posts and variations there of. Please forgive me – my brain is all muddled with moving, starting school, sick animals, and a new job. Soon, things will get more creative around here.

5 of my go-to quotes:

I used to be afraid of heights.      But now, whether it’s pushing myself two inches or 2,000 feet,The direction is always up. My dream is to fly. And I won’t be coming down anytime soon.


My revolution is reigning peace.

(I’m considering painting this on a canvas and hanging it in my office. Thoughts?)

"Where’s home for you?" a stranger asked a fellow traveler. "Wherever she is," came the reply, as the man pointed at his wife.


“In the beginning of life, when we are infants, we need others to survive, right? And at the end of life, when you get like me, you need others to survive, right?" His voice dropped to a whisper. "But here’s the secret: in between, we need others as well.” (Tuesdays with Morrie)


Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.  ~Charles W. Eliot

My 5 favorite funny quotes:

I’m out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland.

Kashi: Surfing teaches you to flow with nature, not fight it.                              My dad: No, it doesn’t – it teaches you to tuck and roll!

(Kashi foods mystify me.)

Lula: If it wasn’t for me, you would probably still be singing in some run-down rat hole for a bunch of fat cowgirls from Iowa.
Wyatt: Yeah, and if it wasn’t for me, you would probably be a waitress there.



I have serious misgivings about being a part of your little … Big Horn … between General Custer and his wife. Mrs. Custer … had a beach house. Oh, I’m way too involved. – Mr. Feeny, Boy Meets World


Mary Kate! What are you doing?! You have to measure when you’re baking! You can’t just throw things in! What are you doing?! I can’t believe this! Get out of the kitchen! – Mom


My all-time favorite passage from my all-time favorite book

And there they are. The earth is turning below them like a child’s favorite marble and stories are beginning and ending and beginning all over again. Above them, stars are burning and a mystery is unfolding in the heavens. Angels sing.

And here in the Village, the peaceful spirits are sleeping safe in their beds, dreaming earthly dreams of vegetable gardens and friendly cats and warm cups of coffee at noon.

While they sleep, there is a steady sound, a constant hum, a soft flowing rhythm in the air. It comes from the edge of town. A young potter is placing God’s hands on the wheel and the wheel is spinning round.

{The Heavenly Village by Cynthia Rylant}

These are a few of my fav-o-rite things

My 5 favorite things in our house:

1. My carafe and glass that I keep beside my bed. It makes me feel like one of the characters from my new favorite series by Lauren Willig.


2. This painting that is in our bedroom but a wonderful etsy artist. My Aunt Janet got it for Chris and I as a wedding present. I absolutely love it.


3. Our Willow Tree cake topper from our wedding. It is so fitting for Chris and I and reminds me to always, always embrace him.


4. My BIG fork and spoon. Slap your grandma. I love these so, SO much. These aren’t your Everybody Loves Raymond cheesy home decor. Well, maybe they are? But Chris and I won’t argue about them 50 years down the road. Shut the front door. I love them. Can you tell?


5. And for always, my red Ikea clock. I have an incredibly strong attachment to this clock. I will keep it forever. and ever. amen.



And because she’s so cute – little Lexi


ready when you are

One of the great things about Chris having a legitimate job is that we can now afford to be more generous with our money. Before we were rubbing pennies together to make ends meet. We’re certainly not wealthy now considering we live on one income while I’m in school, but to us – we have more than enough.

We’re finally able to give fun gifts to the people we care about and I’m really excited to start donating to the humane society out here.

Also, since we are now far away from our friends and family on the East coast I’ll be sending little surprises to someone each week: handmade goodies, sweet treats, things unique to Montana.

I’ve been asking y’all for your addresses so I can add you to my list! So if you haven’t responded yet – please send me an email (mkglime@gmail.com)! Whoever you are – I will find something especially for you! I think this will curb my homesickness and it’s going to be a positive activity each week. Tomorrow morning I’m off to the post office to send out my first two packages. I’m so excited to get this project started!



5 things I enjoy about Montana

1. I can get barbeque wherever, whenever I want.
2. Variations on plaid are abundant.
3. Humidity; there is none.
4. The Montana Vintage Clothing Store.
5. Motocross.

5 small changes I am going to make to make this move easier

1. Finish organizing and painting (big change)
2. Take yummy snacks with me when I run bazillions of errands so I don’t get tired.
3. Find a great volunteer opportunity
4. Start yoga again (I cringe to commit to this)
5. Start my morning with prayer, coffee, and a walk – not my computer