These are a few of my fav-o-rite things

My 5 favorite things in our house:

1. My carafe and glass that I keep beside my bed. It makes me feel like one of the characters from my new favorite series by Lauren Willig.


2. This painting that is in our bedroom but a wonderful etsy artist. My Aunt Janet got it for Chris and I as a wedding present. I absolutely love it.


3. Our Willow Tree cake topper from our wedding. It is so fitting for Chris and I and reminds me to always, always embrace him.


4. My BIG fork and spoon. Slap your grandma. I love these so, SO much. These aren’t your Everybody Loves Raymond cheesy home decor. Well, maybe they are? But Chris and I won’t argue about them 50 years down the road. Shut the front door. I love them. Can you tell?


5. And for always, my red Ikea clock. I have an incredibly strong attachment to this clock. I will keep it forever. and ever. amen.



And because she’s so cute – little Lexi




5 things I enjoy about Montana

1. I can get barbeque wherever, whenever I want.
2. Variations on plaid are abundant.
3. Humidity; there is none.
4. The Montana Vintage Clothing Store.
5. Motocross.

5 small changes I am going to make to make this move easier

1. Finish organizing and painting (big change)
2. Take yummy snacks with me when I run bazillions of errands so I don’t get tired.
3. Find a great volunteer opportunity
4. Start yoga again (I cringe to commit to this)
5. Start my morning with prayer, coffee, and a walk – not my computer