These are a few of my fav-o-rite things

My 5 favorite things in our house:

1. My carafe and glass that I keep beside my bed. It makes me feel like one of the characters from my new favorite series by Lauren Willig.


2. This painting that is in our bedroom but a wonderful etsy artist. My Aunt Janet got it for Chris and I as a wedding present. I absolutely love it.


3. Our Willow Tree cake topper from our wedding. It is so fitting for Chris and I and reminds me to always, always embrace him.


4. My BIG fork and spoon. Slap your grandma. I love these so, SO much. These aren’t your Everybody Loves Raymond cheesy home decor. Well, maybe they are? But Chris and I won’t argue about them 50 years down the road. Shut the front door. I love them. Can you tell?


5. And for always, my red Ikea clock. I have an incredibly strong attachment to this clock. I will keep it forever. and ever. amen.



And because she’s so cute – little Lexi



5 things I like about our house

1. It’s the perfect size for Chris and me. We have enough space that we’re not on top of each other, but it’s still cozy. We can store Chris’s bikes and winter clothes and skiing gear in our basement, so everything upstairs stays nice.

2. Our windows let in so much light- which right now makes things a little hot since we don’t have air conditioning, but I know come winter I will love it.

3. All of our windows have curtains!  Simple things.

4. The “hardwood” in our living room and my office.

5. The park is right across the street from our house, which means swings for me and lots of little kids to pet Sammie.


5 Things I don’t like about our house

1. The 4 lane road in front of it. I want my quiet country nights back.

2. Our bathroom is 3 feet wide. The doors do not open fully. Our bathroom also looks like no one has ever cleaned it. I have.

3. There is no dining room, breakfast nook – nothing. So our beautiful kitchen table that Chris’s dad refinished is crammed up against a protruding wall in the kitchen.

4. The nasty carpet in our room and the terrible laminate in the bathroom and kitchen.

5. The weird smell in the side entrance and kitchen that I can’t get rid of. any suggestions?