ready when you are

One of the great things about Chris having a legitimate job is that we can now afford to be more generous with our money. Before we were rubbing pennies together to make ends meet. We’re certainly not wealthy now considering we live on one income while I’m in school, but to us – we have more than enough.

We’re finally able to give fun gifts to the people we care about and I’m really excited to start donating to the humane society out here.

Also, since we are now far away from our friends and family on the East coast I’ll be sending little surprises to someone each week: handmade goodies, sweet treats, things unique to Montana.

I’ve been asking y’all for your addresses so I can add you to my list! So if you haven’t responded yet – please send me an email (! Whoever you are – I will find something especially for you! I think this will curb my homesickness and it’s going to be a positive activity each week. Tomorrow morning I’m off to the post office to send out my first two packages. I’m so excited to get this project started!