Chris and I love to reminisce about how our relationship started. I think it’s because our lives changed so quickly once we met each other. We were both searching for something. Chris was searching for a job in his field and I was struggling with finding a new job and staying on top of school. We’re such perfectionists and had a hard time accepting our own flaws and struggles. However, by loving each other completely and unquestionably we have found acceptance of those qualities we saw as “imperfections.”

Just as we are perfectionists, we are honest people by nature. It is surprising that in spite of working at Firehouse together for 30 hours a weekend, we were still interested in each other. We would yell and fight until six in the morning and then while the whole world was sleeping and we were awake, we found peace in each other. While we were still too frazzled from the insanity of running a pizza store in a college town to sleep, we talked endlessly and candidly about our loves and our regrets and our frustrations. Those first few months are a blur and yet so clear for both of us. I love those late, late nights where Chris and I were able to know each other as no one else did.

It’s interesting to reflect on our past. Summer 09 was hard for us in lots of different ways, but we made it through stronger and now look where we are! There’s no way we would be where we are without our amazing families. Their constant support always keep us afloat.

We’re both nervous about Montana and everything that means, but more than that – we are so excited to start our life together.

We love all y’all

{Live the life within ourselves that mirrors the world we want to live in.}


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  1. Aunt Janet
    Feb 07, 2010 @ 02:48:35

    you need a picture of montana on here – or at least an outline of the state… nice blog otherwise


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