Special Gifts

These are”thing” gifts . Not the gift of life or love or happiness. While I love those gifts, sometimes “thing” gifts are just as special.

1. My engagement ring. I know, I know some people think well duh, almost everyone has an engagement ring. But when Chris and I got engaged he had just gotten his “real” job and was still living in a basement and working night shift at a pizza place. I knew he would propose before he moved, but I also knew there wouldn’t be a ring.

But, then there was. A beautiful, perfect and stunning ring. I was okay with not having a ring and I definitely didn’t expect one, but knowing that Chris so wanted me to have something beautiful to remind me of him while we were apart was so touching and made his proposal that much more special for us.


2. The dollhouse my dad made me for Christmas. Anyone can buy their little girl a dollhouse. There’s so many options. But, when I was 8 years old my dad built me one. A two-story, yellow and brick, colonial style dollhouse. Which he somehow knew I would love. And I still do. I remember thinking “Wow, he made this just for me!” Whenever I think about the little girl Chris and I might have one day, I get choked up thinking about her playing with it and making it her own.

I remember once time during the fall before that Christmas I started to go down into the basement and Dad saying “Do NOT come down here Mary!” I asked him why and he said “Just ‘cause! Just don’t!” It always makes me laugh.

I love my dad.


3. I’m not sure if this counts, but I write the blog, so it does.

My sweet, sweet Sammie. My heart.

Some of you may not know this, but Sammie lived with another family for about 6 years. They are some of my best friends and their two little girls were flower girls in our wedding. But, they found out their girls were allergic to Sammie, so Sammie needed a new home. Sarah and Jimmy know about a zillion people, so I know they had options. But Sarah emailed me and asked me if I would take her because she knew that Sammie would have a good life with me. Of course I would take Sammie! But, I was nervous bringing in a dog who had been with a family for so long. I wanted Sammie to love me and me to feel like Sam was my dog.

And of course I didn’t need to worry. Sammie is the best dog. She loves everyone. But secretly, I think she loves me the most. We cuddle. To some people, it may sound ridiculous, but Sammie really, truly is one of the best parts of my life. Coming home to her "”happy dance” and smiling face makes the world seem less overwhelming. She has been such a blessing in this move.

4. My previously mentioned salt and pepper shakers that my Aunt Janet gave me.

I just love them. They make me smile.


5. My sewing machine. Next January, it will be 2 years since Gracie passed. Gracie was our neighbor when we lived in Florida and was like a grandmother to my brother and me. She impacted my life, and I’m sure many others, in ways I can’t explain. When she died, I was not in an emotional place to handle it. At all. In some ways I’m still working through it. She died a month before I met Chris and not having her and Dom at our wedding made my heart hurt, but I  know they were looking down on us.

A couple months later, her daughter, Teresa, called me. Teresa and her husband Keith are essentially a part of our family. I grew up with them as neighbors on our street in Florida and a constant presence in my life. My earliest memories are of Gracie and Dom and Keith and Teresa. When Teresa called, she asked if I would like Gracie’s sewing machine. Gracie and Dom received it as a wedding present when they got married after Dom returned from World War II. Knowing that I would have a little piece of Gracie’s life to use in my own really helps me feel like she’s here with me.


Making this list made me feel more blessed than ever! Hopefully you can make your own, too.


My mom sent me a magnet with this quote on it last week. A much needed gift from her.

A little bonus. #6 – Monkey.That’s all I’m going to say.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan Timbrook
    Oct 20, 2010 @ 07:05:29

    Beautiful Mary!! You brought tears to my eyes! I am very proud of you, how you are handling things and blossoming! Is that how you spell blossoming? Anyway, have a great day! You made mine!


  2. Danielle
    Oct 21, 2010 @ 14:30:10

    I loved this post, really beautiful. ❤


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