What Texas Potatoes Taught Me

Today was a really long day. I got up at 8, took care of a bunch of things, was out of the house by 9 and in class at 1140 and got home after 6. It was a good day for sure, but the first long school day I’ve had in Montana.

When I got home I was exhausted. I knew I had school work to do, but just felt like crawling in bed and watching TV all night. But then, I remembered Texas Potatoes.

Texas. Potatoes.

The greatest gift my mother ever gave me. Besides life.

Imagine all delicious starches, dairy, and cream of chicken combined and cooked. It’s my all time favorite food and my mom only made it for special occasions because it makes so much, so it’s a delicacy for me.

But now I have my own house. So I can make this gift from the gods whenever I want. Once I decided I needed Texas Potatoes tonight I got up, drove to the grocery store, and came home and whipped it up. It was like an instant energy source. Just knowing in 35 minutes I would have this delicious food motivated me to get a bunch of other things done!

While the potatoes were cooking I:

– did the dishes

– cleaned out the fridge

– took out the trash

– spray painted my planters for my new plants

– walked Sammie

– organized some papers and school work

– vacuumed and swept

– hung pictures in our bedroom

I got so much done!

So, what Texas Potatoes taught me. If I can come up with one thing each day that motivates me, I can use it as a reward for getting little tasks done. I feel so much better knowing that tomorrow I won’t need to do housework and I have potatoes for the next few days!

I’m still figuring out this new life here, and I consider my Texas Potatoes Epiphany to be a big step.




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