back to school shopping!

Today I got this backpack:

DSCN0323I’m not much of a “kitchy” kinda gal, but something about this funny little backpack stayed with me. I got it for $15, so I feel like it’ll be a fun little bag for school. I got it at the Borders bookstore here – they have the cutest little accessories there for your office and school at good prices. I looked all over the web for a link to this backpack and the other items with this design but couldn’t find one.I got some matching stickers, too! It’s the little things, I’m tellin’ ya.

As I write this, Lex is harassing my computer screen. She is into all things electronic.


This week I’m hoping to post about some diy projects I’m doing. I was hoping to finish one  tonight, but we had some technical difficulties with my printer. I have a sneaking suspicion that Lexicon is somehow involved.


ready when you are

One of the great things about Chris having a legitimate job is that we can now afford to be more generous with our money. Before we were rubbing pennies together to make ends meet. We’re certainly not wealthy now considering we live on one income while I’m in school, but to us – we have more than enough.

We’re finally able to give fun gifts to the people we care about and I’m really excited to start donating to the humane society out here.

Also, since we are now far away from our friends and family on the East coast I’ll be sending little surprises to someone each week: handmade goodies, sweet treats, things unique to Montana.

I’ve been asking y’all for your addresses so I can add you to my list! So if you haven’t responded yet – please send me an email (! Whoever you are – I will find something especially for you! I think this will curb my homesickness and it’s going to be a positive activity each week. Tomorrow morning I’m off to the post office to send out my first two packages. I’m so excited to get this project started!


5 things I like about our house

1. It’s the perfect size for Chris and me. We have enough space that we’re not on top of each other, but it’s still cozy. We can store Chris’s bikes and winter clothes and skiing gear in our basement, so everything upstairs stays nice.

2. Our windows let in so much light- which right now makes things a little hot since we don’t have air conditioning, but I know come winter I will love it.

3. All of our windows have curtains!  Simple things.

4. The “hardwood” in our living room and my office.

5. The park is right across the street from our house, which means swings for me and lots of little kids to pet Sammie.


5 Things I don’t like about our house

1. The 4 lane road in front of it. I want my quiet country nights back.

2. Our bathroom is 3 feet wide. The doors do not open fully. Our bathroom also looks like no one has ever cleaned it. I have.

3. There is no dining room, breakfast nook – nothing. So our beautiful kitchen table that Chris’s dad refinished is crammed up against a protruding wall in the kitchen.

4. The nasty carpet in our room and the terrible laminate in the bathroom and kitchen.

5. The weird smell in the side entrance and kitchen that I can’t get rid of. any suggestions?


5 things I enjoy about Montana

1. I can get barbeque wherever, whenever I want.
2. Variations on plaid are abundant.
3. Humidity; there is none.
4. The Montana Vintage Clothing Store.
5. Motocross.

5 small changes I am going to make to make this move easier

1. Finish organizing and painting (big change)
2. Take yummy snacks with me when I run bazillions of errands so I don’t get tired.
3. Find a great volunteer opportunity
4. Start yoga again (I cringe to commit to this)
5. Start my morning with prayer, coffee, and a walk – not my computer